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Sunday Seedling - Sleep Deep

March 16, 2022 Daphne Bascom & Vesime Schroering Season 2 Episode 5
Perfectly Pl@nted
Sunday Seedling - Sleep Deep
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The Perfectly Pl@nted team wants to plant some seedlings for you to think about how you can optimize your sleep.  

  • Do you know why sleep is important? 
  • How much sleep do we really need?  
  • What are some tips to improve our sleep habits?  

We cover a lot of topics in this rapid-fire, 15 minute Sunday Seedling.  We don't have all the answers and we have opportunity to improve our own sleep.  The goal is to start the conversation and provide you with some quick tips to help you reach your SMART goals related to sleep.  

You can find several good references related to sleep on our blog at  You can also watch us on YouTube:

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Why is Sleep Important?
How much sleep do I need?
Sleep and Nutrition
Tips to improve your sleep?
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