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The Planted Runner with Claire Bartholic

February 25, 2023 Season 3 Episode 3
Perfectly Pl@nted
The Planted Runner with Claire Bartholic
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Claire Bartholic has helped hundreds of runners chase their dreams and conquer what they never thought possible. Her coaching philosophy combines science-based training, plant-based nutrition, and proven mindset techniques to unlock every runner's true potential.

She's a certified vegan running coach, sports nutrition specialist, mom, and borderline obsessive plant lover.

I encourage you to read the book to learn more about Claire’s journey. As an athlete herself, Claire, went from a 4:02 first marathon all the way to a 2:58 finishing time at the age of 42, entirely plant-based.

She coaches vegan, plant-based, and plant-curious runners to achieve the same dramatic success, from those on a walk-run program, general fitness, up to high-level athletes.  She hosts one of the most popular running podcasts in the world, The Planted Runner, and her first book is The Planted Runner:  Running Your Best With Plant-Based Nutrition,

Learn more about Claire Bartholic here:
Instagram: @theplantedrunner
Purchase Claire's Book "The Planted Runner"
Join Claire at her fall Running Retreat in Asheville, NC:


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Introducing Claire Bartholic
Claire's Journey to Plant Based and Running
Claire's Favorite Book Chapter
Fueling Your Runs
The Value of Sleep to Improve Your Runs
Strength Training for Runners
A Day in the Life of Claire Bartholic
Family Meals
Claire's Seeds of Positivity & Empowerment
How to Contact Coach Claire
The Planted Runner Retreat
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